Terms of Use

Olympus Media Asset Management (MAM) Image Database

§ 1 Subject of Use

These terms of use ("Agreement") govern the relationship between Olympus Europa SE & Co. KG and its affiliated companies ("OEKG") and the user of the pictures and any other material ("Material") provided in the Olympus Media Asset Management (MAM) system.

§ 2 License

(1) "The Material shall exclusively be used by resellers and by agencies who have explicitly been authorized by OEKG to market and advertise Olympus products, and by the public press ("Authorized Partner"). Any use by other parties is strictly prohibited.
(2) Subject to the specific copyright limitations described in § 2 (4), OEKG grants the Authorized Partner a non-exclusive license that can be revoked at any time for the use of the Material within the context of marketing and advertising and/or press coverage for original Olympus products in all advertising media, information materials, publications, online marketplaces, websites and press texts. Any use of the Material that extends beyond this scope is strictly prohibited.
(3) For the avoidance of doubt, the Material shall, in particular, not be used for the promotion or sale of counterfeit Olympus products or Olympus products that have been sourced from other suppliers than OEKG.
(4) The Material is subject to specific copyright limitations. Special care must be taken by the Authorized Partner that it shall only be used in the media channels and in the territory for which it has been approved and if the right of use has not expired yet. These limitations can be found in the Digital Rights Management section of each asset information. For parts of the Material, this information can also be found in the file properties which can be accessed either by file management software or by graphics software. However, OEKG does not assume any liability that this information is part of all files. Where this information is not contained in the file itself, it can be looked up by searching for the file in the Olympus Media Asset Management (MAM) system. If a file cannot be found in the database, the right of use has already expired and the specific asset must not be used any longer
(5) The license cannot be transferred to a third party, and does not entitle the Authorized Partner to sublicense to others.
(6) The Authorized Partner may only use the Material in the form as it has been provided provided by OEKG. Any deviation, no matter how minor, requires prior written consent by OEKG.

§ 3 Liability, indemnity

(1) OEKG accepts no liability for the infringement of third party rights by the use of the Material. OEKG does, however, assure that it is not aware of any infringement of third party rights caused by the use of the Material.
(2) The Authorized Partner shall be liable for any claims resulting from the use of the Material, particularly such use that is not in line with the specific copyright limitations described in § 2 (4). The Authorized Partner is, internally between the parties, obliged to release OEKG from any third party claim associated with such use.

§ 4 Term

(1) OEKG party may terminate this Agreement at any time without cause.
(2) This Agreement shall end at the latest without notice of termination being required when the business cooperation between OEKG and the Authorized Partner ends.

§ 5 Wind-up following termination

(1) When this Agreement ends, so do all rights of the Authorized Partner to use the Material. A grace period of three months from the end of this Agreement term is hereby granted for the use of media that include the Material proven to already have been produced at this time.
(2) In the event that the Authorized Partner has acquired copyrights or rights of use pertaining to copyrighted material arising from its use of the Material, the supplier shall transfer these rights to OEKG at the end of this Agreement. OEKG shall accept the transfer.

§ 6 Severability clause

If a provision of this Agreement is or becomes wholly or partly void or invalid, that shall not affect the validity of the other provisions of this Agreement. In place of the invalid provision, a reasonable provision shall apply which best approximates to what the parties would have intended had they considered this issue when they concluded this Agreement.

§ 7 Place of jurisdiction and applicable law

The exclusive place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from or in connection with this Agreement is Hamburg. This Agreement is exclusively subject to German law excluding the provisions regarding  conflict of laws and CISG.
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17 December 2018